NATHANIEL GRAY is an 18 year old freshman at Salem University. He looks an awful lot like Steven R. Mcqueen, and is a witch.

AMBERLYN GRAY is an 18 year old freshman at Salem University. She looks an awful lot like Nina Dobrev, and she is a witch.

Amberlyn’s bio is here, and Nate’s bio is here.

seriously wtf

fuck you whoever made this rp xo

ain’t nobody messes with the motherfucking grey clique >(


Tommy already is mine, love. You wrote a name and two paragraphs, I made him. So yeah no. But it’s okay~ Because this group isn’t going anywhere and neither is my Tommy. Cheers.


Look~ at~ the~ big~ bad~ tough~ guy~ being~ tough~

The character is mine. The roleplay and plot in which all of these characters were born are mine. These characters literally would not exist if I hadn’t been stuck working third shifts with this roleplay idea floating around my head. It’s not hard to come up with your own roleplay and write your own damn bios.

We had every intention of reopening Salem, but that got slowed when I received a hateful anon, then came to a halt completely when I received several hateful and rude messages. Oops, sorry I didn’t feel like being harassed when I was dealing with actual important things in my life.

I’ve tried compromising with Lucila and Jacki and instead of compromising, Jacki decided to come out and talk about how she can’t stand me and Cierra. So.

Go on. Keep making a fool out of yourself.


Not pouting, darling~ Just telling you how it is~ 

Nobody is making you reaudition. I’m simply giving you the option, in case you wanted one. Send in the best sample and Tommy is yours.

#ooc #yeah no #reaudition my ass #go lay down somewhere


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It’s a temporary thing. Maybe. My friend Gabe came back to school and I kind of nagged him to come stay with me.

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Come on over! I think my, um, new roommate is at the gym anyway. Or we could meet somewhere in between. Your call.

new roommate?

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Who are you?